2012 Events

July 2012
UEFI & Secure Boot by Jeremy Kerr (download video - mp4, 100MB)
June 2012
Architecting Software for the Cloud - Simon Elisha, Amazon Web Services (download video - mp4, 75MB)
May 2012
More Awesome Things You've Missed in Perl by Paul Fenwick (download video - mp4, 101MB)
April 2012
AutoFS - The Linux automounter by Ian Kent (download video - mp4, 143MB)
March 2012
NBN Panel Discussion with Chris Roberts (NBN Co), Gavin Tweedie (iiNet), and Warrick Mitchel (AARNet). (download video - mp4, 192MB)
February 2012
Moodle - the courseware management system by Martin Dougiamas (download video - mp4, 249MB. NOTE: audio issues first 15mins)
January 2012
AGM (download video - mp4, 123MB)
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