2011 Events

December 2011
Mon-KeyTest: John McCabe-Danstead (apologies, no video)
November 2011
Daniel Harmsworth: Open Source in Hardware Manufacturing (download video - mp4, 144MB)
October 2011
A talk by Rusty Russell (videos: main talk - mp4, 93MB, panel discussion - mp4, 115MB)
September 2011
CXFS & DMF, by Greg Orange (download video - mp4, 91MB)
August 2011
LUAkit - the micro web browser (download video - mp4, 98MB)
July 2011
Ubuntu One, by James Henstridge (no video sorry, audio problems)
June 2011
High Performance Computing, by IBM, at IBM West Perth (download video - mp4, 276MB)
May 2011
IPv6 in the enterprise, by Carl Gharardi, at L-3 Naurtronix (download video - mp4, 234MB)
April 2011
Harry McNally: UWA Physics Radio Telescope and Arduino
March 2011
Trip to Artifactory, presented by Daniel
February 2011
Linux.conf.au Review, presented by Alastair
January 2011